Half-scale Model of Aerial Target Drone 178


This large 5 ft. long, half scale model represents an Aerial Target Unmanned System.
This model is made for trade shows. Despite its size and high durability, the model is extremely lightweight. It can be easily lifted by one person using only one hand. The model is highly detailed, down to the last screw, and decorated with scaled down decals, exactly as on the original drone.
Since the model is meant to be transported from one trade show to another, it has removable tail fins and wings.
To display the model we provided a convenient custom made metal tripod. Tripod is one of the common designs to display large scale aircraft models. However our tripod is made so it can be easily assembled/disassembled in order to make it portable and conveniently transport it. The tripod also has a removable plaque to display tactical and technical characteristics of the drone.
We provided custom made ATA transit case with custom interior which designed to secure the model itself. The wings, fins, tripod display legs and a set of tools are placed in individual foam compartments.


finished model

Photographing: Creative Photography By Maya exclusively for Gamla Model Makers

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   transit case   



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