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  Architectural Scale Models by Gamla Model Makers  

architectural models

museum quality custom architectural, urban, landscape, topographic & interior design models including military & industrial installations. Realistic scenic elements - vehicles, people figurines, vegetation & accessories. All models come mounted on rare wood or painted bases and clear acrylic protective covers.
  Trade Show Scale Models by Gamla Model Makers  

trade show models

custom trade show scale models; cut-away with interior, articulation, lights, special effects upon request. Highly detailed, accurate, made of durable materials, able to replace actual vehicles and equipment & dramatically reduce the transportation & exhibit costs. Custom transit cases, ATA or Pelican type with custom foam lining samples
  Military Scale Models & Replicas by Gamla Model Makers  

military models & replicas

special expertise in making military models, decades of working with the Military, Defense & Aerospace Industry. Custom made, highly detailed, accurate, safe to ship scale models for trade show, presentation, museum, visitor center & marketing. Including military architectural models. All models are 3D developed. Clear protective covers & transit cases are available upon need samples
  Museum Models & Dioramas by Gamla Model Makers  

museum models & dioramas

custom historic scale models & dioramas for museums, exhibits & visitor centers. All models are produced in accordance to museum preservation & conservation standards samples

  Executive Desktop Scale Models by Gamla Model Makers  

executive desktop models

rare custom executive desktop models & replicas - military, industrial & architectural. Visit Gamla Store to check our limited edition military replicas to commemorate years of service and dedication. Rare wood or painted bases; clear protective covers & custom nameplates. From a few copies to thousands of copies samples
  Consumer Product Development by Gamla Model Makers  

product development

development of new consumer & industrial products including 3D modeling & simulation (SolidWorks based), prototypes, branding, package design; presentation packages for inventors and product developers samples

  3D Modeling, Development & Visualization by Gamla Model Makers  


3D digital modeling & development. 3d based presentation materials including imaging & animation. Rapid Prototyping Solutions: SLA, SLS, FDM, CNC;  visit Gamla Digital Portal
  Toys Development by Gamla Model Makers  

toys development

3D based design, development, prototypes & masters samples
  Collectibles Design & Development by Gamla Model Makers  

collectibles development

3D based design, development, prototypes and masters of new collectibles & art multiples including licensed merchandise
  Custom Jewelry Design & Development by Gamla Model Makers  

jewelry development

custom jewelry, including military jewelry, commander & unit coins, medals & badges,  custom awards & memorabilia. 3D based design & development; prototyping, manufacturing samples
  Sculpting Services by Gamla Model Makers   sculpting
all types, sizes & styles; scaled down sculpted replicas & multiples, sculpted collectibles; samples
  Litigation Models by Gamla Model Makers  

litigation models

custom scale models, sets & props for court presentation, mediation & other litigation proceedings (all samples are confidential)
  Scale Models, Props & Characters by Gamla Model Makers  

models & props for film/tv

custom scale models, props, micro sets for movie, TV & animation; custom scale models for Special Effects; design, development & prototyping of licensed merchandise based on movies and TV shows samples

trade show coordination

we will help you to make a stunning appearance at your next trade show. From design & fabrication of your booth & exhibit to creating a supporting literature, digital content & producing exclusive & practical promotional items

manufacturing brokerage

we will help you to manufacture your toy, collectible or consumer product. This includes establishing contact with prospective manufacturers, negotiation, collecting quotes & supervising the entire production performed by selected manufacturer. We also provide graphic design and printing of the packaging and supporting literature.






Starting July 18, 2011 this web site is published under domain It replaced which was stolen from us. was operational since 2006, earned high traffic rating, Google and Alexa Rank. Our site was coming up in the first search results in Google and Yahoo in response to model making related keywords.

A theft of our domain is a shameless act, a result of criminal negligence of the registrars and ignorance of law enforcement which suppose to fight cyber crime in United States and abroad.

This web site is being frequently updated with new features, Portfolio items, Products and Services.

One of the most unique features of this site is the Model Making Knowledge Base that contains articles about theory and history of professional model making, information about types and purposes of scale models as well as useful tips for our customers. Model Making Knowledge Base is being regularly updated and expanded.

Another unique part of our website is Gamla Digital Portal featuring 3D Modeling & Development, Rapid Prototyping technologies and promoting a  technological revolution in modern professional model making.


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G scale Display Model of the GP9 Diesel Electric Locomotive


1:100 scale Model of a Commercial Space Station


1:24 scale Model of the Joined Assault Bridge (JAB) on M1 platform


1:3 scale Models of the Unmanned Underwater Vehicles


1:16 scale model of HMMWV with Radar for Trade Shows


1:32 scale museum model of the Prophet's Mosque in its ancient appearance


Lifesize model of the 8" Rotary Valve for Trade Shows and Exhibits


1:6 scale Model of a Weapon Station -Turret for Trade Shows & Presentations


1:16 scale Model of  Communication Vehicle based on HMMWV


1:18 scale Executive Desktop Model - Replica of an actual vehicle


1:50 scale Museum Model of the ISS


1:10 scale giant Model of a Mining Excavation Bucket for Trade Shows


1:6 scale Model of a Portable Military Tactical Generator


Large scale Model of a Tactical Generator for Trade Shows


1:20 scale  Model of M119 105mm Howitzer for laboratory tests


1:144 scale Model of  ISS on a "football field" base


1:16 scale Trade Show  model of LAVIII with Surveillance Equipment


1:50 scale Desktop Models of M777A2 155mm Howitzer. Purchasing Information


GAMLA DIGITAL PORTAL is launched! Learn about technological revolution in Modern Model Making!




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1:4 scale HMMWV | 1:5 scale MaxxPro Dash MRAP Vehicle | International Space Station (ISS) Models

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