Multi Scale Presentation Models of Concrete Correctional Modules


This project was created to present pre-cast concrete architectural modules designed for correctional purposes. The set consists of overall view model of a correctional building assembled from pre-cast modules of different types and a "close-up" model of a single quad cell module.


The building's model was created in 1:87 (HO) scale. Modules were designed in 3D, produces by SLA, finished and painted. All modules were left separate. Flat square magnets, 1/16" thick were embedded into the walls of the modules allowing to assemble separate modules together forming two buildings on a common base. As you can see on the pictures below, the magnets holding the modules together securely.


The model of a single quad cell module was created in much larger 1:24 scale featuring systems and furniture which supplied by manufacturer along with modules. Featured systems included plumbing and communication pipes running through the chases of the module, insulation and anchoring fixtures. The furniture set included bank beds, desks, chairs, shelving, combined toilet/sink units and mirrors.


Both models were developed digitally, renderings generated off the 3D model were submitted for review and approval prior to actual fabrication.


The model was accompanied by Pelican transit case with custom foam lining.


3D Renderings

To enlarge - left click on the thumb. To close - left click again or Esc. Use ARROW buttons to navigate.


Correctional Building's Model


Correctional Quad Cell's Model



Transit Case




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