1:8 Scale Model of Mack Truck with 105mm Hawkeye Artillery System


This extremely accurate and detailed 1:8 scale model represents a light 4x4 up-armored Mack Truck. The truck carries 105mm Hawkeye howitzer developed by Mandus Group.

The model is featuring opening doors with magnetic locks and very detailed and accurate cab interior. The howitzer's base is rotating 360 degrees, cradle and barrel are tilting and when they do, the piston is moving in the hydraulic cylinder, imitating its articulation.

Like all our models this one was developed in 3D software. All components were put together in assembly, articulation points were digitally tested. All adjustments were made before the actual fabrication.

This model continues the line of our all-rapid prototyped models. Almost 90% of the parts are SLA built. Tires and wheel disks were SLA produced, molded and replicated in polyurethane resin. Headlights lenses were also SLA produced and replicated in clear resin. Stop lights, turn signal lights and side lights were cast accordingly in orange and red toned clear resin. Railings, grab handles and other vulnerable parts were produced by SLS from nylon. We also produced a backup SLS set of these parts made of metal, in case nylon will not give us a desired structural integrity. We did not regret this decision - some of the nylon parts were replaced by a metal backups. The mirror brackets were made by SLS from metal by default as the mirror brackets are the most vulnerable elements of every vehicle's replica.
We also used our traditional custom toned clear acrylic for the 'armored" glass and "true" acrylic mirrors. Both materials make vehicle's models look extremely realistic.

3D modeling and digital development took time to complete. However, after receiving the parts from the machines we assembled and finished the model in just one week.

This model is a hi-end Trade Show/Presentation large scale model - realistically looking, accurate, highly detailed, reasonably articulating. It is mounted on a base finished with rare wood, protected by clear acrylic display case and accompanied by custom made transit case with locks, latches and interior foam lining.

finished model

Photographing: Creative Photography By Maya exclusively for Gamla Model Makers

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