1:12 scale Model of Military Trailer


We were commissioned to produce series of highly detailed 1:12 scale models of the new trailer developed for the Army and Marine Corps. The trailer is mounted on standard HMMWV wheels, has two adjustable landing legs and advanced system of active and reflective lights, assembled in corner brackets. This trailer suppose to become a universal platform for many various applications.


First stage was a digital development of the future model. Using a 3D data of a real trailer we built our 3D model and generated a set of digital tooling off it. Frames, lights brackets and suspensions were produced by SLA out of durable and long lasting SLA resin. Frame's tongues, wheels, tires and landing legs were produced by SLA, molded and replicated in polyurethane resin with reinforcement where necessary. Lights were cast out of translucent polyurethane resin, instant colored.


Our point of contact confessed that when he received photographs of the first prototype he did not believe at first that he sees a model, not a real trailer.


We produced a total of 15 models, which will serve as sale and trade show models as well as executive desktop models.


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