1:6 scale Model of Military Trailer Mounted Antenna Mast

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The story 

Gamla Model Makers was commissioned to develop and produce a highly detailed and highly functional scale model of the telescopic antenna mast system.

The system is mounted on heavy duty trailer specifically redesigned for this purpose. Along with the mast there are multiple complex elements which also mounted on the trailer, including generator, power system, battery box, cable spools, rope boxes and other elements.


Our goal was not only to represent all components with utmost accuracy, but also to make a number of components articulating in order to demonstrate the system's main features.

All four support jacks were made removable, expandable and able to be mounted in number of transport positions and, naturally, in working position.

Both rope boxes are opening revealing their interior.

The battery box has fully removable lid with magnetic easy to use locks. Upon removal of the lid the interior of the battery box with batteries, cables and other elements can be seen.

The tool and miscellaneous compartment at the rear of the mast post is also opening, revealing its interior with custom shelving designed to hold tools and stakes necessary for securing a mast and ropes in deployed position. Scaled down replicas of these tools and accessories are accompanying the model and can be stocked in the compartment.

All three clamps holding the mast are opening exactly as the real ones allowing to remove and adjust the mast.

The mast mount's platform is tilting demonstrating a mast deployment identical to the real life action. While tilting, two hydraulic cylinders attached to the platform and serving as shockers are simulating a movement which these elements do in real life.


Establishing such high level of functionality not only was a challenge which made the project very exciting, but also made the model extremely self explanatory. Therefore the model can demonstrate all the main features of the real system without necessity to spend fortune on transporting the actual system to a trade show or presentation.


As usual a 3D digital model was created prior to actual fabrication. The digital model was used to create photorealistic 3D renderings, accurate drawings and to produce a majority of the parts by rapid prototyping techniques. Also all functions and articulations were simulated and tested digitally.


Upon approval of the 3D digital model we produced the replica using traditional fabrication combined with SLA and FDM rapid prototyping techniques. Modern technology allowed us also to produce the most vulnerable parts directly in steel alloy.


The model was completed in record time of 3.5 weeks, which would not be possible without a massive use of rapid prototyping techniques.


The model was accompanied by custom designed and built wheeled transit case.

Trailer mounted antenna mast system

Completed model


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