1:100 scale Model of International Space Station (ISS) - 2012 Modifications


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In 2012 we received from NASA an order for 6 new models of International Space Station. NASA requested to modify our current model so it will reflect the latest changes and additions to ISS and depict the most current and updated configuration.

The most significant changes made to the model were:

- A replica of Alfa Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS-2) was added;
- Stowage and logistics platforms (ESP, ELC) were reconfigured due to adding the AMS-2
- Each platform was outfitted with the exact payload assigned to it (earlier the platforms were depicting a generic uniform payload);
- Cupola and PMA-2 were made into separate elements with individual magnetic connection;
- Both PMA-2 and PMA-3 received NDA docking adapters, also made as separate elements with individual magnetic connection;
- A replica of 50 ft long Enhanced Integrated Boom Assembly was added;
- A replica of Russian Docking Node was added as a separate element with individual magnetic connection. Each docking port of the Docking Node is equipped with a magnet to be able to accommodate a spaceship's replica;
- CETA carts were added as separate elements to compliment the Mobile Remote Servicer Base.
- A second dish antenna on a straight bracket was added to Z-1 truss.

We also used this opportunity to upgrade further the model's internal reinforcement system and replace a number of small vulnerable elements, such as masts and Z1 antennas, with metal made parts.

The foam lining in the transit cases for modified models was adjusted accordingly to accommodate the models and new separate elements.

Along with the order of 6 modified models for NASA we also produced one model in luxury edition for CERN, which was shipped to Geneva, Switzerland and receive excellent feedbacks for its accuracy and versatility.


modified model's photos

Photographing: Creative Photography By Maya exclusively for Gamla Model Makers

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