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what is luxury edition

During 2009 - 2010 we produced and supplied to various NASA Space Centers over 30 1:100 scale models of International Space Station. Most of the models were produced in Standard Edition, which is developed for  presentations. All logistics vehicles (except Space Shuttle) included in Standard Edition are painted in dark metallic color, monochrome. This way logistics vehicles are being color coded and visually separated from the Space Station's configuration. Standard Edition includes only one figurine of space suited astronaut and a cargo bay of a Space Shuttle's Replica is empty. Standard Edition Photo Gallery


A Luxury Edition of the ISS Model was developed for Visitor and Educational NASA Space Centers. A painting scheme of a model in Luxury Edition is richer and more detailed. All logistics vehicles are painted in realistic colors, with high attention to details. Up to 5 astronaut figurines are included and grouped into scenes depicting loading/unloading, repairs or maintenance in certain areas. Such scenes might be customized based on specific requirements from particular Visitor or Educational Center.  Space Shuttle replica's cargo bay contains a generic payload. Additional components or scenery elements can be added to the configuration upon request.


While Standard Edition models are designed to be effective, highly functioning and self-explanatory meeting and presentation tools, Luxury edition is a museum type version of ISS model. This version is meant for permanent installation, provides much more realistic view on the International Space Station and oriented to specifics of Visitor or Educational NASA Center in which the model is exhibited.

Because the Luxury Edition is meant for permanent display it is usually less articulating, which benefits model's durability and a lifespan. These models also do not have to be accompanied by highly expansive custom transit case.

All models in Luxury Edition are produced in compliance with museum conservation and preservation requirements.


One of our Luxury Edition ISS Models

in the Goddard Space Flight Center's Visitor Center

photo gallery

Below are the photos taken during installation of the Luxury Edition ISS Model in the Goddard Space Flight Center's Visitor Center.


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