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We welcome your inquiries regarding producing custom replicas including light weapons, heavy and stationed weapons, rare and historical weapons, explosives, ammunition, equipment and accessories.

In addition to its primary use as training weapons custom replicas can be used as safe, legal and easy to transport props for ceremonies, reenactments and Film & TV production. For Film & TV production we are able to provide not only replicas of existing modern and historical weapons and accessories, but also futuristic or fantasy ones.

Upon receiving your inquiry we will provide you with a quote for setup costs and per item production cost of your custom item. Custom replicas can be produced weighted, balanced, painted and decorated in exact accordance to your requirements. Tooling of the items, both molds and digital, will be kept in the company in case you will need to reorder your items or request an additional run. All reference materials provided by your party will be kept confidential and will be returned to you if requested once a custom product is set up.

Time required for setup and production depends on type of product, complexity, setup procedures and order quantity which should be evaluated in each individual case.

Please, send your inquiry early, leaving us with enough time to find the best way of developing your item and producing it with highest quality.

Be assured that your custom product, development of which paid by your party will be available for your agency or organization only and will not be offered or distributed to other customers. 


Please, e-mail all your inquiries to




All orders and inquiries are subject to Terms and Conditions of Sale. Please, review before ordering.


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