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Gamla Model Makers is proud to present the entire line of "Blue Guns" - the most popular training aids for military and law enforcement. Solid cast resin replicas are accurate, highly detailed, steel reinforced, impact resistant and represent feel, weight and balance of actual weapon.  Blue Guns replicas are the most realistic, safe and efficient alternative to use of live weapon for training. The line includes over 100 replicas of weapons, explosives, magazines and accessories. All products are cast in "Law Enforcement Blue" the most recognizable safety color. They can be stored and transported without extensive safety measures and  "sign out" - "sign in" procedures. Another advantage is that Blue Guns replicas are very reasonably priced.


Blue Guns replicas can be safely and efficiently used for the wide variety of training exercises, including:

  • weapon retention

  • disarming

  • room clearance

  • sudden assault training

  • target selection

  • use of force consideration

  • close quarters combat

  • position & stance practicing

  • immediate action failure response

  • moving and multiple target engagement

  • use of cover

  • combatant survival tactics

In addition to classic "blue" replicas we carry a small Blue Guns based line of ceremonial weapons painted realistically and available in "brown stock" and "white stock" versions.

Should your department or institution use a replica of weapon, currently unavailable from the catalogue, please, contact us with a request for a custom weapon.




All orders and inquiries are subject to Terms and Conditions of Sale. Please, review before ordering.


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